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Medical & Emergency

Administering Medication

Success Souvenirs Childcare Division does not dispense any type of medications; prescription or over the counter. Parents will need to come to the facility to administer medication to children.

Injuries and Illness

Please notify Success Souvenirs Childcare Division upon entry if child has had an injury or illness at home.

Success Souvenirs Childcare Division will notify parents of injury via phone call and/or incident report upon arrival.

Children that are sick and have to be picked up while in the care of Success Souvenirs Childcare Division will be given an exclusion form that excludes them from the center for a specified number of days.  

Obligation to Report

Success Souvenirs Childcare Division is obligated to report any suspected child abuse, neglect, exploitation, or deprivation to the Department of Family and Children Services.

It is also the obligation of the facility to report any suspected case of notifiable communicable disease to the local county health department.

Injuries and Illness

Emergency plans for structural damage, bomb threats, lockdown, fire, flood, tornado, etc. are located in every classroom.

Teachers will guide students through specified routines during emergencies. Drills are practiced monthly.

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